A Christian Political Leader

What would a Christian/religious prime minster or president look like?  What would they do for the country? 

We are often afraid of “religious interference.”  Politicians of faith sometimes cave into this and claim their faith is simply a private matter.  I understand the fear – but don’t endorse it.  Any religion that doesn’t impact how you live publicly isn’t worth a dime. 

A Christian leader would first of all see his or her position as given by God – and therefore to be used humbly and responsibly.  Jesus Christ taught and modeled servant leadership.  In fact, that’s why we still today talk about public servants and ministers. 

A Christian leader would strive to reflect the God they know in Jesus Christ – a God of truth, justice, love, compassion and grace.  However, they would not confuse the roles of church and state.   They would see their particular task is to work for the peace, order and prosperity of society.  They would embrace the call to deal with evil – whether in corporations or individuals.  I think their Christian faith would give them a head start in this regard.  It would inform them, for instance, that pornography or greed are far more damaging than we might admit. 

A Christian leader would recognize the God-given elements of society – things like the family and marriage.  Rather than maximizing the role of government, they would see the government’s task is to strengthen and facilitate the building blocks of society.  Or take helping the poor: rather than taking this over, a Christian government would recognize that the best help occurs in meaningful, connected relationships.  Again, it would assist rather than appropriate. 

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