About Us

Welcome to Word and Spirit Ministries

We welcome you to the Word and Spirit Ministries where our focus is on biblical learning and spiritual growth.

We believe that our greatest need is a knowledge of God in order to answer such questions as:  who are we, what is the purpose for our lives, where did evil come from, why is there suffering and is there a future? God has made such knowledge possible by giving us two things, his Word and Spirit. His word reveals the mighty deeds of God and through his Spirit he prepares our heart to receive his word as truth.

The heart of the gospel message revolves around the work of Jesus Christ who gave his life on the cross as the Saviour of the world. It is our prayer that we may promote a better understanding of God and of the Christian faith that will serve for the spiritual growth of all those who seek God.

We welcome you to make use of our resources and ask us for any information or assistance that we might be able to give.