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Limestone block: [Pont]ius Pilatus

According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified under the Roman governor Pontius Pilate. 

  • In 1961, a limestone block – part of something dedicated to the Caesar – was found in Israel, inscribed with Pilate’s name.  We’ve also found an ossuary (bone box) belonging to Caiaphas.  Likely this is from the high priest who advised the murder of Jesus. 

Some have claimed King David, in the Bible, is like King Arthur – more myth than real man. 

  • However, we have discovered a stone marker (stele) from the ancient town of Dan with the name of an Israelite king from the “House of David.”  The stele corresponds with the biblical details of an Aramean victory in 2 Kings 8:29.  And it’s almost 3,000 years old! 
Stele from Tel Dan: House of David

Certain Bible books, according to many, are made up history, written hundreds of years later, nothing more than make-believe political propaganda 

  • But we find evidence for the smallest details in them. Archaeologists tell us the city of Gezer, for instance, was clearly fortified in the 10th century B.C and shortly after this the city was destroyed. This is exactly what scripture tells us: King Solomon fortified the city of Gezer (and other places.) (1 Kings 9:17) A few decades later “the fortified cities of Judah” were destroyed by Pharaoh Shishak under Rehoboam. (2 Chronicles 12:4 ).  It takes a bizarre “leap of faith” to think that someone 5-600 years later would make this all up. 

Scholars used to think the term “politarch” in Acts 17:8 was a biblical invention. 

  • But in 1835 an arch in the Greek city of Thessalonica was discovered with this particular term of political office. 

Prior to the 20th century, there was no evidence for an entire civilization mentioned in the Bible: the Hittites. 

  • However, in 1906 archaeologist Hugo Winckler discovered their capital city of Boğazköy, along with thousands of cuneiform tablets. 

The Bible isn’t fable or fairy tale – it deals with real history, right from the opening chapter. 

Believe it. 

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