Gideon’s Faith Lesson: Called!

Sermon is based on Judges 6: 14 by Rev. Dr. Eric Penning, missionary serving under the supervision of Covenant Reformed Church, Toronto, URCNA. Word and Spirit Ministries

Theme: God provides what we need as He calls us to do battle
against the enemy.

1.0 Israel’s Desperate Condition (6:1-10)
1.1 Gideon’s Times
1.2 Our Times
2.0 The Call of Gideon (6:11-24)
2.1 Gideon’s Call
2.2 Our Call
2.3 Gideon Seeks Direction
3.0 God’s Battle Equipment
3.1 A Unique Message
3.2 God’s Weapons for Battle
4.0 The Lord’s Battle Victory (7:1-18)
4.1 God’s Battle Preparation
4.2 God’s Battle Victory

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