Good Friday

Good Friday is one of the darkest days in the history of world for a great injustice was done on this day.  Mankind put to death the only one in the whole history of the world who was righteous and perfect; without any guile or sin.  Sinners could not stand the one who is righteous, they hate him with such a passion that they crucify him on the cross.  The cross itself is a sign of their disdain and hatred for him, for the cross is reserved for the most vile and wicked of mankind.  They nail him to cross for in their hearts they believe that he is worthy of the horrible curse of God.       

Vile sinners hate this man, for he exposes their own wickedness and corruption and that makes him worthy of their vitriol.  Crucify him, crucify him, let us get rid of this trouble maker in Israel.  The righteous one is led to the slaughter.  There is no guile in his heart or vitriol against the people, no lashing out in hatred, no threats, no curses coming from his mouth.  In the face of the hatred and anger of the people, the Lord Jesus looks out on them with compassion and he prays to the Father to forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

         The Lord Jesus endures the abuse of the people for it breaks his heart to see how sin and evil has destroyed the heart of mankind.  As he experiences the hatred and anger of the people, it becomes clear how all mankind deserves the eternal wrath of God against their wickedness.  God would have been perfectly just to let his righteous anger be hurled down from heaven so destroy all the people.  The Lord Jesus in his compassion stands in the breech so that the wrath of God will not come against the people, but his wrath will be hurled out on Jesus himself as he is nailed to the cross.  The Lord Jesus on Good Friday gives his own life on the cross for the life of the people.  He knows that if God’s wrath is poured on the people, they will all be destroyed and so he offers himself for their life.  There on the cross, the judgment, the anger and wrath of God against the sins of the people is poured out on the Lord Jesus rather than on the people. 

         On Good Friday the Lord Jesus stands as the mediator between God and the human race and offers his life in the place of the life of the people.  At this moment in the history of this world, we see a ray of light that gives hope to the people of the world.  The wrath of God is poured out against the righteous one, so that we may be delivered from the wrath of God for our sins and receive eternal life.  

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