Inquirer’s Course

Beginning September 15, 2016
Grace Canadian Reformed Church In Brampon
13 weeks
Prerequisite – basic understanding of Christianity

Beginning with 30 minutes devotion on Romans
1) Our Only Comfort; Scriptures as God’s Word
2) Our Sin and Misery; Fall into Sin, depravity, original sin
3) Deliverance from sin and true faith; Jesus Christ the Saviour; salvation through faith in Jesus Christ
4) The Triune God; God the Father; creation and providence
5) Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God
6) Work of Jesus Christ as Saviour
7)Holy Spirit and his work
8) The Church
9) Holy Supper and Baptism
10) Keys of the Kingdom; Our Thankfulness
11) Ten Commandments part 1
12) Ten Commandments part 2
13) The Lord’s Prayer

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