Life After Death

Is there life after death or not? How do I know for sure?

I’ve met people who have had a “Near Death Experience.”  I remain a little skeptical – the human brain is quite a mysterious thing.  But it’s possible, I suppose.  (See Carol Zaleski, Otherworld Journeys, for a historical treatment.) 

There are other hints of a greater existence than this one.  The universe seems to go on forever – the idea  that we could live forever isn’t such a stretch.  The Bible says that there is “eternity” in our hearts.  We know we were made for more than this fleeting life, we yearn for it.  Even in a desert, a thirsty man is proof that something like water must exist. 

From the perspective of faith, the answer is clear.  Death is an intruder into this world – not natural.  It’s result of sin against God.  But sin has been dealt with at the cross of Jesus Christ, who was raised from the dead.  Therefore, In him, death has truly been defeated! 

Jesus once had to deal with a group called the Sadducees who said this life was all there was.  (That’s why they were sad-you-see?)  He said to them, “You do not know the scriptures or the power of God.”  Who are we to underestimate what God can do?  And what do the scriptures say?  They reveal to us that God wants to be our God.  He calls individuals to him so that we know and enjoy him – forever.   That’s my confidence – God will not let death frustrate his great desire.  

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