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The Life of A Christian

You're alive. You must be, because you are reading this. Why are you alive? What are you doing with your life? Find out what the life of a Christian is about.

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Put Your Confidence in Jesus Your Saviour

The sermon is based on God’s Word as summarized in LORD’S Day 23, Heidelberg Catechism, delivered by Rev. Matthew VanLuik, Pastor at Grace Canadian Reformed Church, Brampton ON., Word and Spirit Ministries. Through faith we are righteous before God. 1. ...

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Be Holy Because I Am Holy

The sermon is based on Leviticus 23: 26 – 28 & 1 Peter 1: 13 – 15, delivered by Rev. C. Bosch (Ret.), Fellowship Canadian Reformed Church, Burlington ON, Word and Spirit Ministries. Celebrate A Feast of Holiness that is ...

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