The Way to God

Is there more than one way or path to God? 

In the gospel of John, chapter 14:6, Jesus makes a startling statement. ” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” 

That’s a pretty bold claim.  In fact, even the disciples around Jesus raise their eyebrows.  “Show us the Father [God]” one of them immediately asks. 

Is this claim justifiable?  Is Jesus unique?  I think so. 

No one lives like Jesus – in utter love for God and for others.  No one dies like Jesus – on a cross.  There he takes on the guilt and shame of our sin – and it’s sin that has separated us from God. 

In fact, Jesus declares that he is God himself.  The Bible says he is more than a teacher, more than a prophet, more than just an example.  He is God, come into our darkness, to lead us out of it.

“Is there more than one way to God?”  The thing is that from our side there is no way to God at all.  When it comes to God, we are all by nature blind and hostile.  In fact, we’re running from the true God, in fear, in rebellion.   

If there is to be a path to God, God has to come to us.  He did that to the first sinners, Adam and Eve, when they were hiding from him.  That was a promise of what he would do in a far greater way – in Jesus Christ. 

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